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How to Pack Your Bathroom

Bathroom Packing 101

Need help learning how to pack your bathroom safely and efficiently?

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The bathroom is probably one of the easiest rooms in the house to pack.

First, be sure to set aside a few travel-sized toiletries for your overnight bag. That way, you won’t have to rummage through boxes just to clean yourself up a little the night of and the morning after the move. Don’t forget a roll or two of toilet paper, a washcloth, a hand towel and a full-sized towel!

Place all liquid-based toiletries in plastic bags before placing them in a box. This will help capture any leaks without creating a huge mess all over everything else you pack in the same box. You can use zipping sandwich bags or better yet, reuse some of those plastic grocery bags that have been multiplying like bunnies.

Continue likewise for all your liquid-based toiletries that could spill, such as facial astringents, moisturizers or shaving cream. You’ll be able to fit several bottles into each bag. But leave enough room so that the bottles can remain upright when you place the bag into the box.

Towels are terrific for packing in these toiletry boxes. If for some reason there is a breach in the plastic bags, the towels will absorb the liquid. Then all you’ll have to do to clean up the mess is throw the towels in the washing machine!

For tips on packing up other areas of your house, refer to our pages discussing kitchen packing, home office packing, and general packing.

If you start the packing process with the bathroom, you’ll finish in no time and feel like you’re making quick progress!

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