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A Happy Guide to a Happy Move

Our Moving Guide

We’re committed to making the transition to your new place easy and stress-free. Our process focuses on delivering our customers moving peace of mind.

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Step One

Book Your Move

Take our quiz, schedule a call, chat, or text with one of our knowledgeable move coordinators to get started. We’ll provide you with an upfront, accurate estimate of your move and schedule your moving day for a time that works best for your schedule.

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Step Two

Prepare For Your Move

We’ll check-in and make sure you are ready for the big day ahead of your move. In the meantime here are some things you can do to prepare:

checkbox iconsStart Packing

Make sure you’ve got all the proper materials before you start: boxes, packing paper, tape and markers. Pack with care—a perfectly packed truck can still result in damage if boxes are improperly packed. Want us to do the packing? See our Full Services page for pricing.

checkbox iconsInsurance Options

We have an outstanding track record when it comes to the safety of your valuables, but accidents do happen sometimes. Ease your moving mind by looking at the insurance options we offer.

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Step Three

What to Expect on Moving Day

Our moving lead will conduct a brief walkthrough with you and take note of any special instructions you might have before getting started.

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Step Four

Moving Day

You’ll get a text message when the team is on the way. Our dedicated crew will start by protecting your home and then get started on the move.

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Step Five

Relax and Settle In

Once we’ve moved your belongings into their new home it’s time to relax. Need help hanging that flatscreen or your favorite piece of art? We can help make moving in as seamless as possible.

Moving Tips to Keep Your Costs Down

Get Proper Boxes

Anything that fits into a box should be boxed for us to move it. Proper boxes enable us to move your belongings faster which means fewer hours and therefore less cost to you. They also protect your valuables from damage when packed properly. If you need boxes we definitely have them available at a great price that we pass on to our customers, check out our full-services page for more details.

Help Us With Parking

Being able to park the truck legally and in an efficient place is always a good thing. You, the customer, are responsible for securing a legal place for us to park the truck prior to moving day. We cannot legally park in a “truck loading zones” for longer than 30 minutes so that is usually not an option. Keep in mind that a less efficient place to park the truck will most likely mean a longer move time.

Let Us Know If Your Plans Change

We’d be happy to reschedule your move if you need to. If you give us 24 hours notice we can reschedule your move at no cost. If our movers arrive at your home (on moving day) we will have to cover our time and cost by billing you our minimum charge. Need more moving time? If you decide you need our movers for longer than what was originally scheduled, we are often available to adjust the scope of the move depending on the availability of our crew.

How We Charge

At 2 Brothers we have done our best to make your charges as easy as possible to understand. We charge by the hour for local moving within the metro area of Portland. The hourly fee includes drive time to and from our warehouse at 3571 NW Yeon Ave Portland, OR 97210. This drive time charge covers the mileage, fuel, and any other trip costs for your move. The hourly charges are rounded to the nearest 15-minute increment (so you’re not charged for the entire hour if it goes a little over).


When you book your move, we’ll take a deposit on a debit card of two hours (job minimum) worth of work, based on the size of your home.

Payment above and beyond the deposit will be due in full at the end of your move. Payment can be made with either a debit card or personal check.

Things We Can't Move

Items That Require Hoisting or Exceed 800lbs

We are never able to move any item that requires hoisting or exceeds 800 lbs. Heavy items require at least one mover to be able to provide lifting support for every 125 lbs increment. Movers may not be able to provide lifting support if the item goes up or down more than three steps, it has to travel over an uneven surface, or it has to be tilted in order to clear a narrow area such as a hallway.

Things We Aren't Allowed to Move

We can’t defy our insurance company either – So here are some rules we abide by:

Specific High-Risk Items

The following items must be excluded from your move: medication, jewelry, important documents, items of innumerable value, cash, alcohol, firearms/ammunition, chemicals, dirty items that may soil your belongings or the truck, flammable items, liquid items or items that may leak substances that may soil your belongings or the truck, and any items that potentially present a biohazard to our crews.

Non-Standard Furniture

We are unable to safely move non-standard household furniture that may require a specialist such as certain pool tables, grand or baby grand pianos, hot tubs, large plants or pots, machinery or anything that would be normally attached to a structure (dishwasher, countertops etc). Please ask us about referrals for handling these items safely.