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Choosing a Long Distance Moving Company

Long Distance Moves

When you’re moving long distance it’s important to chose the right kind of estimate before watching your entire household drive off into the sunset. To better familiarize yourself with the long distance moving process, we recommend our long distance moving: three parties and logistics of a long distance move articles.
There are many long distance moving companies that may represent that they are movers, but there are a few core concepts to keep in mind.

When preparing for a long distance move:

  • Never accept a firm over the phone bid, it’s illegal and completely inaccurate (general guesses over the phone are ok, just expect them to change).
  • Completing an inventory form is a good start but understand that it will likely change. It can change drastically, so do not use it for budgeting purposes.
  • Watch out for people that sound like their calling from a call center, they’re probably just brokering out your move to someone local and charging you twice as much to make up the difference.
  • Always use a company that is local to the city that you are moving FROM so that you can get an IN PERSON estimate.
  • Always get an IN PERSON estimate, you’d be surprised what the difference can be!
  • When comparing quotes be sure to look at per pound or per linear foot rate (the total can be different with each mover and isn’t the best comparison), additional insurance options and rates, service times (guaranteed or not), and the time it will take to deliver the goods.

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