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Moving Supplies: Boxes

What Kind of Boxes Do I Need?

There are many different sizes of boxes, each built to house different items inside of your home. Employing a few of each of these boxes during your next move is sure to save you a great deal of trouble when packing your items.

We can provide quality boxes for all your needs and our team can even pack them up for you. We’re experts on finding the perfect pairings of items to safely and securely pack your home.

Always remember, if moving on your own, don’t over-pack your boxes and use plenty of packing paper. After packing, use a hand truck (or dolly) to transport them. Your back will thank you!

Here is an overview of the most commonly used containers:

1.5 Cubic Box
1.5 cubic ft boxes are typically the smallest box you will encounter. These are perfect for storing heavier, smaller items such as books or similar objects.
3.0 Cubic Box
3.0 cubic ft boxes are often used for items of medium weight and mass. Examples include toys, bigger bowls/dishes, shoes, and other similar items.
4.5 Cubic Box
4.5 cubic ft boxes are used to store larger, lighter items. Typical contents include pillows, clothes, blankets, and sheets.
Dishpack box
Dishpack boxes are used to store nearly all of the items found in your kitchen. Also, these boxes should be stuffed to the brim with packing paper to keep all of your glasses and dishes safe during transport. These boxes can usually end up weighing a substantial amount, so be careful!
Wardrobe Box
Wardrobe boxes are used for exactly what it sounds like: your wardrobe! Each box contains a metal hanger near the top to hang all of your shirts, jackets, coats and pants.
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