Kitchen Packing: How to Pack Dishes

Never learned how to pack dishes? Don’t worry, we’ll show you! In the kitchen, dishes are items which need an effective wrapping strategy.  Because of the weight of most dishes and plates, it is recommended that they be placed near the bottom of your dish-pack box.  In our kitchen packing article we mentioned the importance of these boxes. The easiest way to safely fit all of your dishes inside your dish-pack box is to employ a technique known as “nesting” (see photos).


PlateNesting1Place a plate on top of your new stack of packing paper and wrap it completely with two sheets, or one sheet if it’s a small plate.


PlateNesting2Place another plate on top of that and wrap both plates together with two more sheets of paper.


PlateNesting3Repeat this process until you have a stack of three or four plates.



Although plates stack on top of each other in your cupboard, that’s not how they go in the box; they are less vulnerable to breakage when placed on their edges. Bowls are very similar in this sense. Just remember to keep ’em vertical and you’ll be fine!

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