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How long does it take to move?

Length of Move

Every time you move, there are several factors that determine the total time it takes to complete your move. How long does it take to move your house or apartment?

Moving time is essentially based on the following formula with few exceptions:

Time = (Access X # of items) + Drive time + Prep/Packing + Placement Decisions


Some items that effect the time overall, in order of impact are:

  • How close we are able to park the truck to your location.
  • How many flights of stairs.
  • Long hallways/long carry out to the truck.
  • How much furniture.
  • How many boxes.
  • How many odds and ends (unpacked items).
  • Size of the elevator.
  • How far your locations are from the carriers warehouse and between homes.
  • Additional pickups and stops.
  • How well prepared you are with where your items go within the home and whether items will fit.
  • How many items need to be disassembled and reassembled.

When planning for the cost of your move it’s important to understand whether or not your move fits within the average move. Remember, an average will contain people who are moving furniture only as well as those with a full house. The following is what we have found to be the average amount of time it takes to move:

Average Time For Your Move

Studio/1 Bedroom (600sqft) 2-3hrs
2 Bedrooms (800sqft) 3-5hrs
3 Bedrooms (1300sqft) 4-6hrs (2-3 movers)
4 Bedrooms (1800sqft) 6-7hrs (3-4 movers)
5 Bedrooms (2000+sqft) 7-9hrs (4-5 movers)
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