Moving Ministries

Helping others, no strings attached. The Moving Ministries program is a core part of what our character is here at 2Brothers. Our company was actually started because we wanted to help others who simply needed a helping hand to move their belongings. We recognize that people are often forced to move for reasons beyond their control. In the spirit of helping others, we have developed a program that addresses the moving needs of people who have limited income, victims of abuse, or who are otherwise in need of moving assistance that they cannot get on their own.

Rather than duplicating work that is already being done, 2Brothers has partnered with several non-profit groups who are already addressing these important needs. In order to take advantage of this program, clients are required to be referred from one of the agencies listed below. If you are currently working with an agency that is not listed, please have the agency contact us to see if you qualify.


Religious Organizations

Seniors & Disabled

Please Contact Us if your organization fits this category