A Happy Guide to a Happy Move

Things You Can Do to Keep Your Costs Down

Get Proper Boxes

We can't move piles of stuff without boxes -

They're a necessary evil. Anything that fits into a box should be boxed for us to move it. Proper boxes enable us to move your belongings faster which means less hours and therefore less cost to you. They also protect your valuables from damage when packed properly. If you need boxes we definitely have them available at a great price that we pass on to our customers. Please ask your mover about boxes if you need them.

Help us with Parking

Being able to park the truck legally and in an efficient place is always a good thing. You, the customer, are responsible for securing a legal place for us to park the truck prior to moving day. The large truck requires a height clearance of 13’ and length of 43’ (3 parking spaces). The small truck requires a height clearance of 11’ and length of 32’ (2 parking spaces). We cannot legally park in a “truck loading zones” for longer than 30 minutes so that is usually not an option. If a legal parking space is unavailable on moving day you will have the option of choosing an illegal parking space or a legal one. Based on your choice, if we do get any parking fines you will be responsible for paying them and they will be added to your bill.

Keep in mind that a less efficient place to park the truck will most likely mean a longer move time.

Cancel Ahead of Time!

We'd be happy to reschedule if you need to.

Moves require a refundable deposit of the minimum charge. If we are not notified about changes ahead of time and our movers arrive at your home (on moving day) we will have to cover our time and cost by billing you our minimum charge.

Rules, Rules, Rules — and Gravity