A Happy Guide to a Happy Move

Things We Do to Keep Your Costs Down

Tools of the Trade

Our trucks come stocked with the most technologically advanced moving equipment known to man. We use piano dollies, carts, plastic wrap (gobs of this stuff), carrying straps, furniture skates, cardboard, and a basic tool kit. Some equipment isn't helpful in certain circumstances, but you can rest easy knowing that we are doing everything in our power to carry out your move in the most efficient and safe manner possible.

We're Pretty Flexible

(if your plans change)

It's important to us to maintain a consistent schedule so that our next customer can count on us being there and our movers are well rested for their next day of work. However, we know sometimes things change and so if you decide you need our movers for longer than what was originally scheduled, we are often available to adjust the scope of the move (such as taking only the larger items, adding additional movers to speed up the process, or scheduling additional time at a later date) depending on the availability of our crew.

We can make Multiple Trips

If a second trip between your new and old home is necessary to safely transport all of your belongings without damage, we will let you know. You can make the call whether you’d like to have us finish the job or just take the largest items leaving smaller, more manageable items for you to handle yourself.

Things you can do to keep your costs down