A Happy Guide to a Happy Move

Rules, Rules, Rules — and Gravity

Stuff We Can't Move (literally)

We can't defy gravity

So we are never able to move any item that requires hoisting or exceeds 800 lbs. Heavy items require at least one mover to be able to provide lifting support for every 125 lbs increment. Movers may not be able to provide lifting support if the item goes up or down more than three steps, it has to travel over an uneven surface, or it has to be tilted in order to clear a narrow area such as a hallway.

Things We Aren't Allowed to Move

We can't defy our insurance company either - So here are some rules we abide by

Our insurance and state rules prohibit us from moving certain items. Please remember that the following items must be excluded from the move: medication, jewelry, important documents, items of innumerable value, cash, alcohol, firearms/am- munition, chemicals, dirty items that may soil your belongings or the truck, flammable items, liquid items or items that may leak substances that may soil your belongings or the truck, and any items that potentially present a biohazardto our crews.

We are unable to safely move non-standard household furniture that may require a specialist such as certain pool tables, hot tubs, large plants or pots, machinery or anything that would be normally attached to a structure (dishwasher, counter tops etc). Please ask us about referrals for handling these items safely.

Our insurance does not cover customer packed goods against breakage. We recommend having the movers pack fragile items to insure their coverage.

but we can't install items for you.

Our movers are great at moving your household but are not able to perform any type of installation such as removing or attaching anything on the structure, including connecting or disconnecting appliances.

Protecting the Goods