Will my move be effected by bad weather like snow or ice?

The trucks at 2 Brothers Moving are equipped to handle most weather scenarios. There are some important things to understand however on what our capabilities are during poor weather:


Snow is easier to get around in than ice, the heaviness of our trucks gives them excellent traction in snow. If the snow is deep enough (more than 2 inches or so) we’ll have chains on the trucks. Expect arrival delays to be pretty hefty when the snow is deep enough to require chains. If there isn’t much snow on the ground just give a little more time from additional traffic delays.


Ice is bad news. Nobody wants a 8000lb truck slipping down an icy hill, especially if it’s loaded with your stuff. If there is a full coverage of ice on the road it is likely that we will have to delay your move until it thaws. In Oregon this usually happens fairly quickly eg. the roads freeze overnight and the next morning by 11am they are pretty well thawed out. Keep in mind that not all areas of the city thaw at the same time, if you live in the hills take special consideration to thawing times. This can also have a impact on afternoon moves so be prepared to wait a little longer if you’re an afternoon gig and there has been ice on the roads that morning.

PLEASE — help us by understanding that we cannot risk our movers, equipment and your belongings on dangerous roads! In some cases where the weather has not permitted us to operate, rescheduling your appointment for another day may be required. Any mover with safety in mind should abide by the same policy!

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Different parts of town have different weather problems. The West Hills will likely have more ice or snow than the Eastside of Portland for example. It’s a good idea to physically go outside and check your street for snow or ice and notify the movers if there will be a potential accessibility issue.
  • Try to shovel or clear your walkways of ice or snow. You can use de-icer or sand (available at hardware/department stores) on problem areas. This avoids slipping and falling problems – which definitely isn’t good if we’re carrying your furniture.
  • Feel free to check in with us the day before or morning of your move if you’re worried about weather issues. We’re here to make sure you stay informed.
  • Don’t trust the weather man. From our experience the weather is only accurate 1 day prior. It never hurts to be prepared for a change in plans but don’t do it a week a ahead of time because of a weather “forecast”. It might be just as likely that the day you change it to has a weather issue instead!

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