How much can fit in one truckload?

How much will fit the in the truckload depends on quite a few factors. The main ones are: how many items you have and how many non-stackable items there are (such as exercise machines, fragile furniture, fragile boxes, yard furniture/tools etc).

Some tips to make the move in one trip:

  • Pack everything that fits into a box into a box including your pictures, mirrors, tvs, lamps and lampshades. The more things are square and protected the easier they are to stack.
  • Use professional moving boxes, using open topped boxes or odd shaped boxes will make it harder to pack and unable to stack.
  • Try to group fragile items into the same box to reduce the number of fragile labeled boxes in your move. A move with lots of fragile boxes make it difficult for the mover to create the base needed to stack your fragiles on top of.
  • Take items apart that can be taken apart or ask the movers to do so for you.

We use a variety of moving trucks for our services, which truck you are assigned will depend on the size and distance of your move. Depending on the above factors here is a general guide for what we see fit into a truckload:

  • 16′ Truck: 800 – 1000 sqft
  • 26′ Truck: 1400 – 1600 sqft

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