Kitchen Packing: How to Pack Silverware & Knives


Packing the Pantry

Pantry items and silverware are fairly easy to pack as they only need to be wrapped in a sheet of paper and stuffed where they fit. As we stated in our previous article, packing your kitchen, extra attention should be given to wrapping the pointed ends of your silverware and knives.


Check for Leaks

Silverware should also be grouped together and wrapped up in a sheet or two of paper. With your pantry items, be sure to tighten all of the lids and check that no containers have cracks or holes. Be extra careful with the liquids and oils because if these spill or leak, it will get everywhere and possibly even seep through the box into other boxes and furniture.


About Pointy Things

Cutlery and other sharp items should be pointing in the same direction and labeled as “sharp” to avoid stabbing yourself; it’s also a good idea to wrap the ends of your bundled-up knives with a few layers of packing tape. It may be a pain to unwrap but is much better than slicing your hand open!

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